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Unrealistic's trade and sell shop
Read carefully before posting.

I will buy just about anything if you can beat the best MARKET (Not shop) price by 25%-50%

I am buying to resell, so if
I can't make money from the offer,
Or the profit isn't worth my time,
I won't buy.

Make an offer, and I will reply.
This thread is for you to decide what you're willing to get rid of for cheap, and sell it quickly when you need ez TC.

I will bulk buy.

Best price for obsidian scythe on the market=30k
Offer it for 10-20k to me and I will buy it

If the best market price is overpriced or non-existent I will price check the item by seeing what it last sold for on a forum post.

I will also occasionally trade, though only offer if I can make a profit from it.

I can also be reached through Discord, I check Discord more than forums so you're more likely to get a reply that way.

Sling shot 33k
Doing art requests, PM me on discord Propialis#0839
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Check my deac

Shutter Shades 10k

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Sling shot 33k

Can't afford that currently. sorry
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