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dyel? (do you even lift)
do you lift weights?
do you go to the gym?
do you work out or participate in any physical activities other than sports and I'm not talking about any damn e-sports

feel free to post whether you do or don't work out and feel free to ask a guy who works at a gym and is constantly surrounded by personal trainers anything

if you do go to the gym:
how long have you been lifting?
what's your favorite exercise?
what's your max bench? and why is it less than mine?
what do you hope to achieve through lifting?

if you don't lift:
why aren't you lifting?
do you want to get started?
do you have any questions on how to get started?

it's pretty late right now and I'm going to bed but I'll probably post some lifting resources and information here for those of you who are interested but don't no where to start/are lazy as fuck neckbeards


good food
black beans
white meat chicken (b-b-b-b-breast)
brown rice
ground turkey
all fruit ever
all veggies ever

best at home bodyweight exercises
pullups/chinups (for this one you might have to invest in a portable pullup bar that you place in your door, it costs like 15 bux dude it's a good investment)
pushups (always and forever)
pistol squats (google it)
calf raises

best compound exercises
bench press
overhead press
bent-over barbell rows
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