So uh... This game is fun.... And
I like it. I play rook... Because... He's stronk and can hulk smash... He's also fat and...

It's fun
I play Raigon and Shifu primarily

I think Thorn is pretty fuckin busted with the right battlerites

Tons of CC and Damage while also functioning as an off-tank, it's nutty

Stick a Paloma next to him and the duo is pretty unstoppable if you're competent
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Fear sucks eggs
I play oldur, croak, jumong, blossom peaked at diamond 1.
shit is annoying now tho because my pc
I think I'll never reach those elos just because of my ping alone...
But whatever, I play casually. Not even more than an hour a day
It's like a moba-ish overwatch.

Add me, Tiptaxtoast.
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I am xCobra

I actually am decent at the game now

Went 4-2 in solo placements and am now Silver 2. Destiny is p fun
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Fear sucks eggs