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Hey! I'm New :)
Hello guys! As you read from the title, I'm a new player Hope I get along ok with every1 :P If I don't, uhm, slap me or something...

Anyway, I hope I make some friends playing this game Byeee!
Moving to the introduce yourself board.

And welcome here, hope you'll like it and all.
Rapid Threads Lmod.
Got any questions? Feel free to ask!

Welcome to Toribash! I wish you Luck on your Toribash adventures, private message me if you ever want to chit chat or have any questions.
If you got questions ask me about it.
I ain't do no harm!
batmatt & friends suck
Hi...Nice to meet you..i'm new here too :V
Na sahi kuch magar itna to kiya karte the
Wo mujhe dekh ke pehchan liya karte the