Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Dude, that shit is dope.
the first one is a little less cool but still.
nice shit you got.
thanks killerbotX, glad to hear from you, and that you enjoy my stuff.

finally a little more unrusted, here's an old ukebash i never finished and decided to finish today.
also, i watched NoLxve's replays and decided to make my own type like that. enjoy.
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Orko Pills: pretty cool n creative. very interesting but the boom could be bigger.

Yellowblue: really really cool. Lots and lots of momentum. You could of made that decap at the end also decap the head due to a spin or something or gravity to make it hit the ground hard enough to decap on its own or a skeet would of been good.

you're getting better.
Yellowblue :
Just like what KillerBot said. You could get a decap by skeeting but overall the replays is solid. The momentum was sick and movement was fluid.
Opener was cool i like it alot, and those punches were cool.

But so far my favorite replay from you was Laundry.
It was simple, quick, and really stylish.
You are so good.
Keep it up.
Its a pretty decent replay for it to be done in about an hour. You've got some nice spins, they arent anything special though. Nothing too eye-catching but your flow was nice and the decap was good too. Keep it up, it's going to be great seeing you grow as a replay maker.
ok so i like the idea you got there with the manip, but i dont think its executed very well. i get that with the gravity it can be kinda hard, but yeah. you do seem to get it going well once its on your back and not your head. but yeah i really enjoy your movement in the other replays you got.

also grats on ORMO!