Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
I think I can also improve the opener to allow better swinging also.

Navi gave me an example from an edited version of my opener showcasing how I can get more height and flip but that came with a slight loss of rotation.

I know my problem now all I have to do is fix it lol

A N Y W A Y.

Me being lazy in replay form

me being lazy in replay form but it's parkour

mod for me being lazy in replay form but it's parkour
idk what this is but assuming its xspar everything is pretty neat except for that 2nd launch eeeeee
so cool to see you grow from not being able to scoot to doing this
Yeah the mod is just me in the air so i dont need to set it up everytime lol.

Take this while i finish my Monkey Madness parkour

Oh god looking back at Jumanji Jungle Jamming I hate it lmao, no where near my best
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unstiff yo shiz. your lumbar was pretty lonely the whole replay, you moved it like 3 times xdok replay but change it up a bit, its getting repetitive, try some more cheat/raiz/gainer variations. and dont toe tap >:^[
ooooooooooo very nice and flowy. the entire replay has an ethereal feel. some of the tricks are setup in an awkward manner but its still very nice. good job
bad mannered
the scoot is kinda nasty ngl. your chest is pretty wrongly rotated in your swingthru. the midair stuff is pretty good. overall the movement is smooth so thats good.
bad mannered