So, the tricking is about realistic, and sometimes you doing this just amazing, but sometimes ....For example both replays have really cool opener and first trick is great, but you doing some strange moves like (first replay 1323 frame, just strange move ;( and second thing is that the in real life no one lands on toe and jump from same place like you on 1205 frame.)

Second replay had too really good opener but the landing at 1242 you can make better, so that mistake incurred another mistake with wrist standoff.
I mean, your replays look realistic in the begining, but as result some mistakes make looks it weird, but overal good.
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I appreciate you posting on my thread pause. thank you.

ill make sure to work on what you pointed out!
I like how you edited the secondreplay from previos version, nook look a lot better! 84/100
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opener reminds of my jabait replay. kip up is amongst the best ive seen, wish you had landed forwards and not rotated though. the 540 is sloppy especially the lumbar during the transition from neutral to setup. round is also kinda weak, setup wasn't that bad, you could've done better. wish instead landing it into a sailor moon you had delayed a hook and made it into a missleg. this is pretty creative i guess, good job.
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