Toribash is a fighting game, not a realism game. Ofcourse there is sparring but making it so that breaking an arm makes it so that you can't grab removes the funny version of toribash.
So if I bet 20,000tc on myself and my arm gets ripped off, I should have a chance to win.
Not being able to grab yourself with a ripped arm should just be an auto lose for anything that dm's then.
Not supported
Also, toribash isn't supposed to be realistic.
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Hello, guys.

...and i still think a "3 person fight" mode would be fantastic!

I have to say it again don't I?

3 person fight will cause intense lag

1 vs 1 tori vs uke causes toribash to even crash
AS I SAY! Go to 3.72 if you want it! But warning, alot of CRASHING
Thats not supported

and the other one about arms is not supported either
I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 person fight nice idea (i think it has been suggested many times before) but no grabbing when torn off is taking away the fun out of a fight and is like instant ko

3 player causes to many lag

Go to freaken 3.72 if you want it

Because this has existed but it will not now because of the lags it caused! So no it wont happen
I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
We are mainly talking about the No Grab thing considering it's in the title and that's why the clicked the thread.
The idea sucks, please stop bumping this thread.
Hey! you got mah arm! I'm gonna get you! RAWR!!!
2. Hey you got my arm! I lost already and I have no chance of making it move, grab you and give me a chance to win...

Go to an outdated and download the 3-4 player generator.