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Remove "Free" Clan Creation
Regarding the way clans are currently implemented, we see clan tags arise like (KKK) which was recently reported. I believe that not only should clans be forced to pay a large sum to form a clan but each clan name/tag should be screened and approved by clan squad. Similar to how clans have to apply to become official, they must apply to become unofficial as well.

The benefits of doing so are obvious. Aside from troll/stupid tags, the amount of clans is staggering. There are new clans created every single day, and it's hard to keep track. Many of these clans have very few members and do not even bother creating a DSC. I believe the ability for anyone to create a clan for free harms the clan community as a whole. Players can simply create their own clan now instead of joining another and this has a negative effect on numbers of potential applicants. Enforcing a fee for clan creation would cut down on the number of clans by a large number and would ensure that all clans created are serious. Furthermore, clans will become more recognisable again. It would be nice to actually recognise some clan tags in-game again. Finally, clan mods would have a much easier time regulating and advising a smaller number of clans.

I have only mentioned some of the benefits this change will have, I'm sure there are more. I think this was one of the worst changes made to the community in recent times and believe it has done more harm than good. If anyone has anything to add to this, please do so.
I disagree on this. Yes, some stupid clans are made but they all quickly die anyways. The fact that clans are free is to my eyes really helpful for new comers that really want to make a clan but can't for TC issues, or even, sometimes, if they don't read the rules closely, well a dude that just joined and that rushed for a month to get 25k just sinked it by making a simple thread. This can bring a lot of frustration.
Find me ingame and duel me
Newcomers shouldn't be making clans. If they sink tc because they don't read the rules it's their own fault, how about reading the rules?