Would be pretty cool actually, the problem usually is with the matches themselves.

They're usually spread out since most people unfortunately have lives outside of Toribash.
Owner of Fred
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This would ultimately make it last longer than it would need to because we would have to have a staff ready as well for when our members are actually ready. And unfortunately playing a lot of matches at once won't be able to happen simply due to us being from every little spot of the world.
Pickled is alright
And fresh is quite a delight
Me being involved in organizing this, I can say it's possible but like Donut says we can't organize around getting it on stream
We're attempting to fight 17-19 PM on friday GMT 0, and around 18 GMT 0 on saturday
Feel free to stream it but idk if we'll let the server fill with people not competing
You'd get more solid entertainment breaking down the replays
PM me with any and all questions
We need daddy LesDuncan ����������❤️
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