idk if this is so bad its impressive or what... but i couldnt get a single double dm or boom and i genuinely tried

also thanks pusgaaaaa
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Dms for one please.rpl (429.9 KB, 35 views)
that spinaroo at 425 feels kinda bland to me

dms are pretty cool though, you could've done a grab after the shoulder dm and go for a boom if you really wanted more dms
I think I already talked about this replay, anyway not much to point out, big fan of the flip in the opener and the first two dms, but off the top of my head I can't remember a -30 madman in which uke falls completely on the ground and it doesn't become boring and uninteresting from there on.
oh yeah

its kinda just a splitcap if u dont count the very end but i do so fuck you
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i love what you did with the opener, really didnt expect what would come up next after the glutes extended, fuck you went into the splitcap soo smoothly aswell, goated.