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Static's replays
Heyo! This is my new replay thread. I do mostly madmans, manips here and there, and some 1shots with long ass openers. Enjoy!! (CnC would be appreciated)

Maybe go to the back... Like if you like my replays ya know .... The back is where it's at ey?
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[S]La De Da - i actually like the opener pretty nice, when you were doing the spin around frame 420 it looked kinda boring. I like the idea of spinning on your elbow, good idea but i don't think you executed it very well, still a good idea though. when you push off the ground it looked kinda jerky i would have preferred if you extended your knee a little more to get more momentum, decap was fine.
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Throughout the entire replay you seemed bunched up and it bothered me a bit. You were a tad jittery/stiff as well and the kick you hadn't extended your hip and it looked awkward. I was hoping you had finished it with a sick pose but overall it was fairly good, keep it up.
La De Da

During the Replay I feel that you were a bit stiff and didn't have much flow. You could've kept more flow going in the replay. Other then that I love the build up to the decap. overall, grear replay would love to see more!
Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag

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stiff movements in the beginning, stiff arms throughout the replay, not bad in general tho i guess

keep practicing and you'll improve.
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Cnc? ples D:
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