slayer I went ahead a sent you another invite to the clan I don't know what happened to the last one I may have just typed your name wrong.
no this is not the application thread this is clan discussion thread the application thread is on the front clan page there is a link to it.
I can't see it though. By the way are we going to have a war soon or what ?
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Hello (Nitro)

My name Is Kindle, and I am a new member. I was invited by ilikepie, and he knows why I joined. I joined to help you guys on forum activity, and application thread, banners, and to set some standards for this clan. But to do this stuff I need your guys help. I can do banners but work with me on the others.

K fly here is the list of everyone who has not been active enough. to all the members this is a warning to get on and start playing, show us you want to stay with nitro
Flyace-you just gotta love that guy can't let him go ;o
Ilikepie56- you think i would kick myself?
Levito-he stays on but he needs to get more active in the clan.
Daressii- not been on for 4 days
Larvie09- last activity a week ago, he better have a valid excuse for that.
Anonhax- i see him in rooms all the time.
SkyperCZ- not seen him in a while, better get on soon.
manofrail-he has not been on for 3 days, if he does not get on soon he is out.
Rexxy527-last activity was 12 hours ago, time now is 12: 32 pm good at gimp
Vomitbread- last activity 20 hours ago, forum activity is next to nothing
Purebear99-on 10 min ago, not active enough on forums
p123dro-on right now, has not been on in a while so he must keep activity up especialy for forums
Zotac210- has not been on for 4 days, he must get on soon or he is out
gasyboy- last on 4 hours ago, forum activity needs to increase
electro- on 39 min ago, needs to increase forums activity
slayer500- not been on for 2 days lacks in forum activity
lelemax7- last on 13 hours ago has to pick up forum activity
jeffthe1- last on 17 hours ago, has not posted once on the forums.
Kindlebob- on right now with me, no problem with forum activity at all

This list was made as a warning to a great amount of people, pick up your activity and get your butt in the clan activities. List made March 23,2014 at 12:42 pm
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Originally Posted by Rexxy527 View Post
Now I'm telling you right here pie I hate posting on the forums so deal with it

This could result in a problem, act more responsibly and we can make one exception
Kindle I just don't post because if I have no good reason to post why should I post. That is why I don't post