Endurance Onslaught 4
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Now I'm telling you right here pie I hate posting on the forums so deal with it

That is no way to treat your leader even if im your younger cuz
yo fly i think we need to take the ability to start wars away from members, some of them are just too war eager.
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Hey guys, like I told Pie, I just joined so I could fix your lcan up a bit, well Im leaving now so I wish you all luck in Nitro
thank you pie for telling me all the activity I have already gotten rid of people who are not on enough the people who are still here just need to be fourm active and I thank we can fix that
also I am trying to get rid of a vampire relax if you want one let me know
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I tried to make a Poster hope you like it. I am not so good at Photoshop though.
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eelectro it is ok I have already made the banner for nitro but thank you for thanking of making one its very nice.
hey guys I have a topic for you guys I want to know how you guys feel about making a clan video? if you guys thank this is a good idea for are clan or not.

also I would like you guys to give me your Skype names if you have Skype so that way communicating will be easier for us to do.
My Skype is Thekagereaper! Add me if you wish!

Also, a clan video isn't the best idea at the moment. Just throwing my opinion!