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(Feet) Feet
The (Feet) clan is made for both casual and experienced players who want to share their love for Toribash, art, And other fighting games (also feet obviously).

Once apon a time there was a little boy named Ernest. Ernest wanted one thing... to be one of the best Toribash artists. He waited a few years until he could save up and buy a fancy tablet and pen. Once he started drawing he could tell that he just wasted his time and money on nothing. So he went on to make a clan of chill folks named (Feet) where he could waste more time doing nothing with cool people because that's what cool people do...NOTHING! kinda like you reading this message, don't worry you are still are a cool, you are just doing nothing. Which is what cool people do. Look at you with your cool self! you should join (Feet).

You already know these are very basic rules but I have to put these here or I would probably get an Infraction or something and I don't want to go to jail

Don't be an asshole
Don't post NSFW unless in #nsfw even if it's feet

Don't any racial stuff even if it's a joke
Try to post in the right channel
Respect people's pronouns
No posting your own clan in our clan
Try not to argue

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