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Torilympics: The Place Where Legends are Born
What if, Toribash created an anual Olympics for clans in the game. Wondering how?
Heres How:

Toribash Olympics: (Torilympics) A series of events, of Olympic like Mods, where clans compete in a certain event for a prize. The clan can choose to particpate in more than one Event to try to win more prizes, but (it would be a bigger Fee to do more than one) The events could be:

Running: A mod can be made to have two lanes where the tori's compete to see who can finish the dash first, the two clans switch back and forth, the team with the most wins, wins the event.

Shotput/ or discus: A mod can be made where a player has to throw the ball or discus, as far as he can, the longest distance scoring clan, will be the winner.

Hurdles: The name pretty much explains it self, an event where the players race and jump over hurdles, winner moving on in tournament style.

Long Jump: the players must run, and jump at a certain spot, seeing how far they can go. Longest distance scoring clan wins.

More events include- Boxing, gymnastics, Judo, table tennis, Taekwondo, and wrestling.

Each event could take some time to get through the clans competing, so the Torilympics could be held over a Month or two, time period. Clans would have a chance, to sign up for what event they want to participate in a month in advance, and train for the events. (A fee must be paid though to participate in One event, not too large though, you wouldnt want to exclude the beginning clans.)

So this is my idea, any body can add on to it, or take ideas away. I just wanted to throw that idea out there. I just think it would be a grand idea and fun to prepare for. It'd be a fun activity for clans to bond, and learn more about each other. It'd also bring alot of popularity to toribash those two months, because the forum, and ingame would be alive with players training competeing, meeting, and discussing.

Problem that could occur:

The Mods that dont already exsist could take alot of time to make, (the first time, because every year, you could use the mods over and over again.)

(it wouldnt have to begin that soon though, to give the mods time to made correctly and not sloppy.)
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very good suggestion i would like to do this but there is one thing.... why only clans and not single players....but i luv this idea
It'd be better if it was arranged for countries rather than clans

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What about diving competitions? That would be badass.

Supported anyways because this would be really fun