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Climbing Routes
Hi, i come bringing a mod. Got inspired by Bong after seeing them make a climbing mod using an mma body. I enjoyed playing through it and thought i should make my own, this is what i made.

3 routes (4 if you include yellow, yellow just connects red and green/black higher up)
Difficulty: Red>Green>Black
Red: has plenty of holds and they're pretty big.
Green: has fewer, smaller holds and a steeper incline
Black: has even smaller holds and an even steeper incline.
All of them finish in the same place.

It uses new grips and breakable grabs. Grip break threshold is 30 but feel free to raise it up (ctrl+G to open the game rules menu). I found 40 to break quite a bit less and 50 to almost never break. 30 should be a good value if you want grip breaks to be a thing to watch out for.
And finally, mod pictures:

I hope you enjoy this mod as much as i enjoyed making it!
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Looks fun af

Too bad i couldn't give less of a shit about it

Xioi make a replay on it you hoe
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