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Spyder House MMA Gym (V5 Update) - Drill To Kill!
Spyder House V5 (/dl <mod.tbm> today!)

Gym Design by footlox
Grapple Tori by Sushiroll

Welcome to Spyder House. This realistic gym mod is primarily intended for singleplayer training to develop and sharpen your high gravity fighting skills. Drill your striking and grappling abilities across 8 different stations with optimized training equipment. Or spar your opponents in one of the best looking octagon rings around in either MMA or shootboxing rules. (See shootboxing10.tbm mod page for more info).

Each station has its own dedicated mod variant:

(In most variants your head and torso will DQ touching the floor to reinforce realistic balancing).

Practice Throws and Takedowns against a modified grappling Tori. DQ is ON for faster drilling.

Practice Throws and Takedowns against a modified grappling Tori. DQ is OFF for ground grappling and striking.

Traditional thai heavy bag for all-around striking and footwork practice.

A bottom anchored striking bag to develop precision and power.

A free spinning DQ bar to sharpen your head movement and fine tune your punches.

Practice your level changes for wrestling takedowns by shooting under a low swinging DQ bar.

Practice your double leg penetration by driving a one wheeled sled under the low bar.

A mini workout circuit with a medicine ball, a squat barbell, a pull-up bar, and ending with the sled.

Traditional MMA but with shootboxing scoring in the Spyder House octagon.

shootboxing10 Scoring and DQ enabled in the Spyder House octagon.

(Coming Eventually: BJJ Drills for Top & Bottom positions)

Training Highlights (post your GIF and we'll add it!)

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Hey! I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the MMA mod is not recording any kind of scoring when I play it. Is it just me?