Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Andrecova -|- Imperius911 -|- Metal Gear Online, GTA 4, Resistance 2, Unreal Tournament 3, and more to come.
(15:43) <Drakhir> Zaarock: everything is useless.
(15:43) <Blam> Drakhir: Including your penis
Masterj05h -|- Unholy_sight -|- Call of duty5, Gta4,The darkness,Battlefield bad company, Mercs2,Warhawk,Blazing angels 2, assasins creed,Star wars the force unleashed, Skate 2,Turok,Far cry 2,Fight night round 3,enemy territory quake wars.
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Masterj05h Shop So cheap id have to be stupid to sell it like this... wait a seco-
Want to join Vampire?
mickeld-mickel12-gta iv,warhawk,skate,skate 2, uncharted:drakes fortune,resistance FOM,killzone 2,motorstorm and hopefully more
I dont have a Ps3 , but my pal has, and im hanging around often with him

Nobuddie | Loewenzahn | Cod4, RE5, Fallout 3, Gta4, MGS4

Just write that your a pal of "Christian" from toribash ;p