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(Laughin) Laughdamnit

Here at Laughdamnit Inc. we take the game and ourselves seriously. Others? Not so much. LD is in its baby stage, we're building a group of people who can get good at the game together, if you're good at anything we'll probably have a spot for ya kid.Both created and filled by shitty comedians comes laughin with jokes so dry you'll think Carlos Mencia is funnier and we've come together to make fun of absolutely everything with no remorse for anyone or anything.

Step 1. Gain Recruits
Step 2. Exploit them for activity
Step 3. Profit
Step 4. .....

Wanna Join us? dunno why you would want to but here's our recruitment thread
Here's our Discord link aswell ;)

Psst we're not using a bank
Clans are hard ;-;
That is All.