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(Ncd) NocturnalDiurnal

(Ncd) NocturnalDiurnal is a U.S. based casual clan hoping to subsist of experienced players that would be interested in future war events, or new players and tutors to create a fun inviting environment for those interested.
As our community is expanded our recruitment geography will also expand. Active, and experienced players who can translate will be greatly appreciated for the recruitment team.

You may be wondering why the preview picture is of a barn owl. Lets just say my excuse is it's an owl that does not look like it belongs to the night, an
oxymoron if you will.
Best I could come up with on the spot for both night, and day (also it's friendly and inviting)

Rise among the ocean of clans
Become to an extent a help-center, or in other words self sustaining community
Work to help all members achieve their competitive, casual, and fashion dreams
for application visit our forum, and provide some replays showing off your skills along with how long you've been playing, and your reason for joining.
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