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if i may deny people that is, ofcourse.
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14. im forming my own question, are you going to accept me?


Your reaction

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17. What's up? nothing much man

Should've answered with "breh" for consistency, denied.

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Прикольно, что вы вернулись, удачи вам! Брея верните, он где то затерялся

Брей не нужен.

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just won 2 wars like a god damn gangster B]

Thank you Hope, very cool!

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I don’t understand how this can be a Russian clan.

Sir is american

fucking russians stealing everything from us american citizens

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4. Penis?
I would rather [email protected]


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sir doesnt allow n words in his clan

not sure if i may invite people just like that but if you see this sir either invite cobra or just reply to me saying i can invite him.

or ofcourse dont invite him if you dont like him
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