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[Tutorial] Logo Adobe Illustrator+Photoshop
How to make your own logo because why not? (for all users)

THREE SOLID COLORS! NO GRANULATE!!!- I will repeat this again down below.

1: I suggest using word to make your letters for this project.

2: If you don't have this, I suggest getting it: Adobe Illustrator , Adobe PhotoShop Open adobe illustrator > Open word document with what it is you want to say.


4: This is where you be creative.
Important Tools:

a: Direct Select/Group Select tool; Allows you to manipulate the shape of the letters.

b: Direct Lasso/Select Lasso tool; Allows you to make certain custom shapes and whatnot.

c: The Rectangle tool++ Allows you to insert shapes.

d: Pen tool++: Allows you to add creative designs/shapes to your logo.

e: Text tool++: Self Explanatory

5: Ok, now you got the basics, (I will be showing examples sometime this week of a logo), time to go over to Photoshop...

6: Here is a preview on what you should use to color your designs:

7: below ,add and adjustment, is what you can use to color all of this stuff. Mes around with all of it and see what happens. If you mess up go to WINDOW > HISTORY to delete mistakes!!!

8: Recommend saving as a pdf.

9: Colors; make sure your colors go together. Make them stand out and look cool. I suggest you pick a color, then use the one after the next.
Ex: Yellow/Green, Blue/Violet ect.

10: Now it's time to learn how to use the layers BLENDING OPTIONS:
(basic layer setup)
a: Right click the layer you want and select ,blending options. Ex:

b: This edits shadow, glow, outline, ect.. Now you can go ahead and mess around with these. I find ,stroke tool, most useful. Be creative! Ex:

If you have questions, concerns or if I might have missed a basic step then give me a pm.

Feel free to post below.

IMPORTANT: I repeat!: Logos should consist of THREE SOLID COLORS! NO GRANULATE!!!
Logo Examples:
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A logo should look good and recognizable regardless of the color.
My teacher gave me this a while ago, it might be useful

Font-based: This type of logo is basically letters done in a custom font style. Some examples of this type of logo are: Facebook, Twitter and Sony.
Literal Illustration: This is taking what a particular business does, and incorporating it into the logo. For instance if you were a ballet teacher, you could have a simple illustration of ballet shoes alongside your company name.
Abstract Graphic: This is a picture or symbol that doesn’t have any existing meaning. Nike’s swoosh is the perfect example of this type of logo.
1. Simple & Clean
Less is more when it comes to logo design. An over-complicated design or a symbol cluttered with layers will be hard to duplicate and may not be as memorable. Good logos look fresh and simple. Another thing to consider when creating a logo is the number of colors included. The more colors you have in your logo the more expensive it gets to print. A nice rule of thumb is to keep a logo to two or three colors (including black as one of the colors).
2. Easy to Remember
Customers don’t have much time. You want to provide them with an easy-to-remember, unique symbol to help them quickly associate with your business.
3. Not Trendy
Once you decide on a logo, you shouldn’t change it. It should be able to stand the test of time for the duration of your company. So it is a good idea to stay clear of those design choices that may be fleeting -- like the 1980’s neon madness.
4. Versatile
You will need a logo that looks good in black & white as well as color. Additionally, you will want a logo that can be easily printed on anything – t-shirts, mugs, vehicles, trophies, business cards – you name it. Of course, you may not need those things for your business, however, it is better to leave your options open. Avoid lengthy horizontal logos, which can be difficult to fit on various projects.
5. Fitting & Appropriate
Think about your business-type and industry. Create a logo that is appropriate within those areas. For instance, if you are in the finance business, you will want to have a conservative and professional feel to your logo. If you are a professional clown, obviously you can go in the more playful direction. A nice way to determine what is appropriate for your business is to research what some of your competitors' logos look like.

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If Slycooper has a diamond shape with a line going through it, and a circle that closes the diamond, what is mine?

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If Slycooper has a diamond shape with a line going through it, and a circle that closes the diamond, what is mine?

im not sure what you're trying to say here

so this is your logo?
can you post a picture of it?
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that isn't a logo, that's my avatar
i just blurted out a cat as a logo, hmm
have you ever watched this?

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