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100k greyscale avatar/sig request
hi guys,

I am in need of a new signature as I have a new set, and the titles are all outdated (promoteam, ha!). And with that comes a new avatar I suppose, so here's my offer:

100k for the best black and white signature/avatar combo I can find in the next week from you guys.

preferably give it a little bit of red to match my name. i also am in love with my current set, so don't be afraid to slap my tori on there. good luck!
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Can you post some pics of your tori? I don't have shaders

Same here and if I dont use your tori is there anything else u might want on the sig and avi
Any text that you would like as well?

I just started here's what I have so far:

I still have a lot of work to do but this should be the main design of it. I plan on fixing up the head, making the smudging less uniform, adding some more pentooling, text(?), some color changes, and maybe some inversions.
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100k. You're gonna get a pretty good avatar and signature from this request. I'm wondering how many people are going to try this. Count me in.
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I'm definitely doing this request.

hanz0:Very well done. These annoy me much less than the default smilies we've got right now.