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Okay Mr. Critique,
seeing as all our heads totally sucked, how WOULD you make a head thats THAT awesome.
How awesome can you make a sphere look?

You made us re do all the heads and dragged this crap on for like 1 month. Built it up like Jenga and then you knocked it down saying all our heads suck. You could've said: "Thanks for trying so hard everyone but i will like to cancel this request."[/B]

Thats acceptable. But oh no, Because you are a texture master and can understand how much we suck. That is just mean let alone highly inconsiderate of other people feelings.


Now some moderator can Infract me as they tend to do.

Thanks for wasting our time.

mhm. i never noticed that i suck balls O_o
maybe your dad does.

i pmd a few texturist which made a head which is like,
actually i said that ALMOST everyone sucks. there are some really good ones too. but the most really sucks mate.
and .. yes so on.
i open my eyes! and its my decide .. you know?
._. seriously. no i dont want this pink head

i did! heads which had got a real chance got a real chance.. i said a few edit things. but after i noticed that almost NOBODY did what i say , i got pissed off i hope you understand me.!
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the hairs are a bit too short, the eyes dont have a good pupill, there shouldnt be teeth and a headband would be nice, but.. pls pm me next time with changes k?
i dont want to bump this thread.
@ling, ok, if you say what to change and what parts you like, than here is what i has so far, hair is still undeitailed and eyes need a collor, i can change annything you want. (collor eye's, ect...) i also still need a mouth.

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ok now i see what ling was trying to say that a lot of heads here sucks...
Do it with style or don't even bother doing it.