a special is something what doesnt have any head,
maybe like a headband with my name or sunglasses , etc just be orignally, the head should be permanent!

I can make any changes, you tell me what to add if you do not want a hat.
I'm back and stuff, it's probably temporary.
i dont want a hat and.. it looks like a 10 minute head.
keep your time, make it carefully and good.
i wont pay 20k for this

Is something like this ok?
Ofc this is not my entry,I faled on the first try (this)
so i'm using this to ask if this is what kind of head you want
its more what i prefer..
but the eyes and mouth arent that good, and .. the bloodsplatter .. i dont like it^^
I don't think you would like it, but let me try ^^

Two versions :
If you have questions: PM me, I'm happy to help you ;]
@ monobi ,ah.. the hairs are really awesome, but the one "spike" between the both eyes aint that good. the tent should be still a white.. and the mouth should keep simple.. like the one in the examples, and the eyes should have a black pupill,..
one of the best entrys atm. it would be the best if you keep black sunglasses above the eyes (in the hairs) to make it look.. cool

@mushro0m , no sorry.