its better, really. but the sunglasses need more details, the glasses need to have something special .. maybe some tribals around the band..

whats the thing at the left eye?
Ling is on the sunglasses' headband and 6 is tattoo'd under the left eye.
I'll start adding some tribals.
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Ill work on remaking mine now do you want sunglasses if so should I try to make them look like those painted ones that you can still see through like the ones that has designs on the lenses

if so Ill try to make a nice design on them and put "Ling6" with that kind of coloring and no " "

sound good to you?
@ elipsys .. make.. maybe i like it

@ monobi
remove this tatto and add another one below the right one which is named: Ping.

and yep i noticed the "ling" at the band. i mean.. the sunglasses.. the style isnt that good..

i hope this picture isnt that huge

the sunglasses should look like this..
the band is really nice
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gonna upload my second preview soon. Making the globe of it atm. takes a whole for my GIMP to process it :|

also just a side note what im showing you is just examples once ive got what you want ill improve its quality by a lot. I just dont wanna work on something forever and it not be what your wanting.

Edit: ok here how do you like the style of this? and yea Im gonna fix the face it's a bit low so its sort of facing downward a little

Edit2: Im gonna also fix the back so its smooth and not two different colors so you cant see that like sort of thing

also Ill try to add something else for the Ling6 and fix the pattern on the glasses to have a tribal pattern on them

the Ling6 is on the glasses but its to small to see so Ill work on it
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for me is very cool ... The text Ling6 is on the bandana
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