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Kane´s (Knockout/Healthbar/whatever) Striking Room
I want to (finally) try something.


I will open a knockoutroom when i feel like it.
In this room i will play ANY strikingmod.
There are some rules to follow in this room.

-Matchframes are 2000.
-There will be a certain amount of points you have to reach to win.
(for example:If its 100k points the first person to reach that amount wins the match)
-If noone reaches 100k in the 2000 frames the match will be counted as a draw.
-The losing player should relax all and space every turn after his opponent reaches 100k points(to end the match).
-Dq is a loss,too,ofcourse.


Why am i doing this?
Because i am unsatisfied with the winningmechanics in this game.
This knockoutsystem forces both players to make contact to win and not just run away after a pointlead.

This room is a public room and everyone is welcome as long as you follow the rules.

Any questions?Ask them here.


Russian translation; thx to mxtap

Всем привет, я хочу наконец попробовать кое что.
Я открою комнату с системой "нокаут" когда пойму, что она необходима
В этой комнате я буду ставить любой ударный мод.
Ниже перечислены правила игры в этой комнате.

Матчфрэйм - 2000
Будет установлено определенное количество очков, которые нужно достичь для победы.
(Например - 100к, побеждает тот, кто первым набирает эти очки).
Если за 2000 фрэймов никто не набрал 100 к - ничья.
Проигравший игрок обязан расслабить все мышцы и нажимать пробел до конца раунда.
DQ это конечно же тоже поражение.
Почему я это делаю?
Потому что я недоволен кемперами
Эта нокаут система заставляет заставляет обоих игроков вступать в контакт, а не просто убегать после касания.
Это публичная комната и я рад каждому из вас до тех пор, пока вы соблюдаете правила.

Есть вопросы? Задавайте их здесь.


lots of replays right here:

Just click "Alle herunterladen" (download all) in the upper left.

Protip: empty your replay folder(save them somewhere) and paste the the healthbar replays in it.Now open tb and just press escape to watch them all in one go.
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I agree. Its rlly fun. These striking mods are rlly enjoyable. Good concept.
The only downside is the time needed to wait in quewe...but i try to think of it more like a spar.
Pm me for deals
Thx guys,
i played with a lot of people already and the vast majority likes this system.
Had a lot of awesome matches,maybe i will post some replays later.

It really can take quite some time but if there are many people in queue u can always lower the pointlimit to speed things up.

Demi made those scripts years ago(this whole idea is old af) after we talked about those rules then..
-Healthbar.lua adds literally a healthbar to the game and ,once the bar is depleted , forces your whole tori to relaxall.
Sadly u cant,and still can not (at least to my knowledge), trigger a win once the bar is depleted or when a certain amount of points is reached.
Also u have to reload the script everytime a new match starts.
Works good in multiplayer, both players have to make sure they activate the script tho.
brilliant script,btw.
-Mutilation.lua does not let u control dmd limbs.
There are 50k-150k versions of healthbar, now it got autoreload at the beginning of match. Unzip it to your scripts folder.
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Aliens 2007-23.04.2015
Wow, this is sick!

I really always thought that it could be a solution to running. But, what would happen if the match ended? And no health bar, it will be considered as a draw? That would be the ideal situtation!
Your messed up world enthrills me