i sparred in singleplayer through skype! with bigmurdrde and it was very close!
oops wrong place, sory. please close thread :s
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(MAU)\[TK]\BTO\OoT\victortb lmao/[eP]/UBO/[h]/BOOM
<plutoniumm> ice cube's favourite dong is bohemian RAPsody
i can't cnc spars D: ill do dead unit

the opener was pretty nice, it wasn't stiff so thats good
the little manip was good
the punch is pretty good
that kick was beautiful
jesus christ that punch was sent from heaven
cool spins at the end
wrong post, please delete thread
(MAU)\[TK]\BTO\OoT\victortb lmao/[eP]/UBO/[h]/BOOM
<plutoniumm> ice cube's favourite dong is bohemian RAPsody
just done another
didnt focused much on dismember this one
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vic - reborn.rpl (324.2 KB, 16 views)
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the first few frames were very stiff
the setup for the jump was meh
the jump was good, you controlled it very well
decap slice was cool
cool split kick
the breakdance thing was cool
good core
great pose
I got you, Vic.

Opener was pretty simple yet turned into something. (P.S I like these kinds of openers.)
Trans. to launch and to decap was nicely done.
Decap looked like your speed, position, and what stuff did it for you, instead of making it look like you had power with the backhand. Which I personally didn't like.
Core was p-smooth and p-cool.
I don't have anything against the rest.
Nice pose.

You remind me a little of how Pause moves/10
this is probably the worst replay until now
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vic - sikez.rpl (172.5 KB, 14 views)
vic - losing the sanity.rpl (188.0 KB, 19 views)
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Ok so i have looked at three so far, what i can say about them is, the openers are way to ugly, they take way to many frames before you are doing something as well, also the openers all seem to randomly jump, try doing openers that are balanced instead of spastic, also you need to do more with your frames, what i suggest is make the turn frames 3, also make the timer 550, the flags 0, then that should be ok, just work more on the movement and don't wait so many frames before doing anything.
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