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#Vector 2019
I saw this kind of topic in other clans and places around the community among these last 2 years I've been here and wondered:

Why should we not share our plans/goals for this year that has just begun with each other?

Then here I am, forcing you to open your mouths because I don't want this thread to get rejected/ignored >:^(

Also, this thread isn't restricted to only to your own particular goals, we should use this opportunity to discuss our plans as a clan too! What is going to be of Vector this year?
Are we going to die? you cannot even answer yes otherwise I kill you
Are we doing events?

Anything we find interesting to talk about this year here, and also a safe place to talk about our lives, maybe get to know each other better and give support if necessary.

Without further ado, you got the idea, I'll let someone go first to ensure you liked this idea then we go on
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do it

my plan this year is pretty much entering college

my main goals for Vector in this year is pretty much keep our channel and comics running and posting comics/videos regularly if possible. Also finding new awesome members and maybe we can plan more events/meetups together

for my personal toribash career I plan to keep making replays, spar more often and practice my tricking skills. I want to improve at all these points but especially tricking because I wanna earn respect from the tricking community

in short, I want Vector and myself to grow in the community
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My plan for 2019 is to focus on school and friends. Part of that plan is to use my PC a lot less and hopefully stop playing videogames that much.
sounds like a good life plan but honestly it's a bit sad for me to know that :^(

anyways, hope everything goes right for you man
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any updates about your lives or anything about you guys want to blow out and share with clan throughout this year could be posted here too I guess

we really should communicate more often, as a clan.

I'll dump random updates about my channel and art projects here so you can be aware if im doing some work or lurking, and how it's going
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I'm going to learn drawing starting tomorrow
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .