Wait I wasn't reading this correctly... it's Karbn's fault there.
Ehhh nobody's disqualified, either I see a replay in the next 24 hours or both Deni and Karbn are disqualified.

PM me if you wanna discuss this on discord or anything.
█████ Vector █████
█ ███████ █
you can just lift him or grab and rotate him
if u want me to change it cause u cant continue or smth just tell me what u want to do so i can help
this is my last entrance i will dq myself cause i barley play this game
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Ormo | OwO | Tk | RSO
okay done. i did a lot more to maybe give some shitty ideas, but here we go. please edit at 600
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600 lol .rpl (318.5 KB, 1 views)
k that was fast, tell me if u want me to edit this, since it's too bad, okno, both replays are the same, only that I did a couple of frames more on idk, somewhere 570 just to show what I thought the next person could try to do after
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idk, somewhere 570.rpl (332.4 KB, 2 views)
570.rpl (315.7 KB, 1 views)
<Xioi> Become one with the bleach
let's go boys, never stop
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[Vector]Aadame> dam pat with his mod skills
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