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I know the videos already,the movement control in this is realy somewhat exciting,its a little bit like the IK-controls suggestion,we will try it out i guess.
About making a clan there...if its really good maybe...idk..we will see.Its still early access so better beware and wait.
Also,funny to see a whole concon video on steam lol.The shoppage needs a proper trailer.
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If you want I had already an idea for a game like this before, and I posted in the toribash forums. I think the game will be loads of fun. Although, it's clear that tons of improvements have to be made. For me the real deal will be to be able to make your own moves and use them in arcade mode.

I have no idea how to get the's supposed to be early access on steam, and it is free but I can't seem to get the game. No idea...
Your messed up world enthrills me
concon made it big lol

I can;t get it either...

I rlly dig that idea william. A game where you make your moves and assign them to a key, right? Like in mortal kombat you only have like a few keys and combos. rlly like the idea.
Pm me for deals
Appaerently the developer gives out keys sometimes on the discord.U can find the discordlink on the steampage.
well, imo, at least in the moment you are not missing out on anything.
The turn based mode is still broken and the other modes are pretty messy.
I dont enjoy it.
Its still early access tho, we will see.