This one isnt a let down at all, much better than "elasticity".

I love the opener, everything is nice and smooth. I don't know why your cork feels so slow though lol.

8.7/10 replay.
posting this here to see if someone figures out what i did because even i cant
finished this pretty quick replay im about to do a spar so look forward to that :^)mustard burrito is the finished version
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first kick in the mustard burrito is fucking seggsy, the hook after is kinda weak though. personally, i'd change it into a snapuswipe instead of jacknife. both your launches neglect to use your arms, chest, and pecs very much. if you learn to sync your joints itll me insta improvement. the sailor moon at the end was kinda wierd. very good, i think youve improved a bit, good job.

spar was pretty cool, i'd just say try and stay upright more.
epoch#4209 - replays
el gato was actually sick, just kinda wished you got a skeet to decap uke as you were break dancing, wouldve put a little cherry on the top
epoch#4209 - replays