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3D items casting as shadows improperly
3D items seem to cast as shadows twice--once from the model then again from the ghost. Only happens with shaders that have sharp shadow turned on. With many 3D items it's also accompanied with a pretty significant frame drop (my specs are more than fine).
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Hi, are you getting that on 5.44? Can't replicated it here when I test, would you please describe when exactly that's happening (in case it only works like that in some specific scenarios) and upload your custom.cfg file (located in Saved Games/Toribash if you're on Windows).
Thanks for the response! As I said it only occurs when using shaders with sharp shadow enabled, and from my experience the bug always happens as long as someone has a 3D item (doesn't matter if it's freeplay or multiplayer). I'm playing on 5.44 as well. In the imgur link I'm using a custom shader but the issue still persists as long as the shader has sharp shadow. However I've noticed that after disabling then applying the shaders back the issue isn't present but reappears when a new round starts (ive had this happen on freeplay and multiplayer). Here's my custom.cfg since it didn't let me attach the file:
#Automatically generated from Setup. Don't edit
nick "uke"
mousebuttons "1"
backgroundclick "0"
volume "33"
musicvolume "0"
voicechatvolume "128"
fullscreen "0"
autosave_rpl "0"
rememberrules "0"
framerate "60"
shaders "1"
fluid "1"
reflection "1"
softshadow "1"
ambientocclusion "1"
bumpmapping "1"
raytracing "1"
noreload "1"
width "2560"
height "1440"
beginner "0"
newmenu "1"
languagesteam "0"
language "data/language/english.txt"
chattoggle "96"
chatfocus "0"
voicechattoggle "113"
particles "1"
trails "1"
hair "1"
hairquality "0"
obj "1"
bodytextures "1"
fixedframerate "1"
replaycache "2"
chatcache "3"
filesort "2"
worldshader "1"
effects "3"
matchmakerx "0"
matchmakery "100"
matchmakerhidden "1"
clanuipopup "0"
memsize "1"
highdpi "0"
keyboardlayout "0"
customworldshader "data/shader/Greyscale"
autoupdate "1"
personal "1"
tooltip "1"
movememory "1"
chatcensor "0"
objshadow "1"
showbroadcast "2"
shout "1"
shout_default "0"
dismember "1"
dismember_default "0"
fight_alert "1"
fight_alert_default "0"
freeze "1"
freeze_default "0"
game_over "1"
game_over_default "0"
grading "1"
grading_default "0"
grip "1"
grip_default "0"
hit "1"
hit_default "0"
impact "1"
impact_default "0"
joint "1"
joint_default "0"
menu "1"
menu_default "0"
none "1"
none_default "0"
pain "1"
pain_default "0"
ready "1"
ready_default "0"
select_player "1"
select_player_default "0"
splash "1"
splash_default "0"
swoosh "1"
swoosh_default "0"
uilight "0"
menudebug "0"
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Ok, think I found the bug, will try to get it fixed to release with the august update.
Will post here when the fix is available (unless I forget to). In the meanwhile, you can disable object shadows with /opt objshadow 0
Pushed an update to beta branch on Steam (Windows/Linux only, no macOS build yet), will be public with the August update. Should also fix the issue with 3d items' ghosts getting raytraced.