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[Gallery] Free Textures Megathread
Free Textures Megathread

This is the thread in which all the textures that the person giving them out didn't make or just doesn't want CnC for them should be posted.

If you have textures you would like to make free, post them in this thread along with the following information:

Previous owner:
Proof of ownership:

Note: This thread is only for posting free textures, this is NOT a place to give feedback on the textures that get posted here, nor the ethics behind someone's actions.


All textures posted here will be linked in the OP.

Free Textures

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I've moved a few posts to the "Art Rules" thread. Please, try to keep this thread clean and only post here if you want to give away some textures. If you have any questions or concerns, PM one of the board's LMods (Nagato9757 and cats) or an SMod. You can also post your questions in the "Art Rules" thread.
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Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
Artist: Stalker
Previous Owner: Stalker
Size: 512x512

Artist: Jebus, Pheature and 13Chillz
Previous Owner: Love
Size: 512x512

Proof of ownership:

Artist: Jebus
Previous Owner: Love
Size: 512x512

Proof of Ownership

Artist: Jusmi
Previous Owner: Samuel
Size: 512x512

Proof of Ownership

Artist: VitieK
Previous Owner: Kyle
Size: 512x512

Proof of Ownership

i managed to somewhat restore the quality of this head ~cats

thanks, added ~cats
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FREE SET BY FLYINGMONK FOR EID (The end of Ramadan's celebration )

For you guys and girls <3



Without Joints

Artist: Flyingmonk
Size: 512x
Previous Owner: Fade

Proof :: http://imgur.com/a/ec906; thread; transaction history.

Here is the link <3

2019 New link, old link does not work so I replaced it
thanks, added ~cats
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aka SigKun
Old School Default Heads.
Size: 512
Artist: Nabi
Previous Owner(s): Tori, Uke

thanks, i guess? ~cats

Edit: One of the heads is like, broken. Gonna fix. Also convert it to png for ease of access.
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torihwead.png   Uke512Glossy.png  
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Previous owner:Kozmonaut
Proof of ownership: thread; transaction history


thanks, added ~cats
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Jack Skellington
Artist: 1002003

Previous Owner: 1002003

Size: 512x512

Proof Of Ownership: Also you can drag image below into google image search if you don't trust me.

Jack Skellington

I also included the file to further my proof.

Sorry that I'm not as good as the other artists here ( ;-;)

thanks, added ~cats
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Artist: FruitCandy
Previous owner: N/A
Size: 1024x512
Proof of ownership: made by FruitCandy (thread)

Whipped this up real quick. Now take it!







thanks, added. also added a lot of missing information, pay more attention to the rules next time. ~Arctic
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Artist: karanawesome
Prev owner:I maked it sooooooo....no one bought it.....soooooo
Size:1024 ecks 512
Proof of ownership:i maded it soooooo

thanks, added ~Arctic
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Doing art requests, PM me on discord Propialis#0839
Dark Paladin
Artist: 1002003
Previous Owner: 1002003
Size: 512x512
Proof of Ownership: These screenshots, and you can reverse image search on google.

(Extra) Reference

dark paladin

Again: I suck but apparently you like these ._.

thanks, added ~Arctic
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