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There is a feature that I would like to see, something that would just save a little bit of hassle. My suggestion is to create a click box to lock on a shader as the default when you run the game.

So like its on default by default obviously, so say that you want it to be on Fog 2 id click the box and then that would be my default shader instead of the default one.

I know this is really small thing that almost nobody would care about but yeah. Also I added the toribash next because i don't know how the coding works and if that would like mess stuff up or something if they tried to add it to Toribash.
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While adding a button to make it automated might take effort, if you wish to automatically load a specific shader when you open the game that is already possible:

Edit (or create) a file named "profile.tbs" in your Toribash directory containing the following line:
lws <shader>.inc
Where <shader> is the shader file you want to load on startup.
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