Weekend Bash
Hey mocu
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Hmmmm interesting.
I feel like this video was made for me with all my gold details : P
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got a question? want to apply to ES? pm me!
Hope it works out
Can't say I'm a 'professional' however B), i've been working on my ability to do kicks or at least stay on my hands like Sanji from one piece in the 'Sanji training 3' replay. The rest are extras i've added some other ones since i really do wanna be in the video- one was a little parkour i did 3 years ago and the other one that says "again" is me doing it now 3 minutes ago theres one with binklawz as well, wish i had an older replay but i accidentally deleted it T_T. The me vs avenue is actually one of my favourite sparring ive done!
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I am sorry if you have send some replays but you are not in. Maybe a next time ?

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash