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More TC For Black Belt Servers
This might just be me but most of he time when im on there is no one in the black belt servers, people have even came into one i was in and said "oh my god a black belt server in use". so im thinking we should make them give you like 20 maybe 30 tc for one, as in incentive to join them and two, your facing more challenging people than in the public servers. so why not make more for your efforts?
1.) you aren't facing more challenging people
2.) just join a public server. nobody is in black belt servers because there are tourneys/other dedicated servers.
Honestly I'm all for this. Not just saying this because I want tc but I'm tired of playing blue belts in multiplayer 24/7.
Not supported.
A majority of ingame player are blackbelt or over, and increasing the amount of tc they get per match in black belt servers will help cause more inflation. We already have 500tc tournaments, you're better off doing that anyways.
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>easily get an alt to Black Belt.
>go into deserted Black Belt Server. (No ones ever in them)
>farm the fuck out of it for TC.

...yeah... This would just be perfect for farming TC.
I used to want this till I realized this could happen.

Not Supported ;-;
Thanks to moop and a few other people the tk blackbelt server is quite often in use at the moment, also 20 or 30 tc is nothing to most people above black belt, although you might say it adds up I dont think its enough of an incentive to make people join the servers,

(although it might add up to make too much added tc)
I think that it may be a good idea except for the fact of farming.... That could easily be farmed as Weoo said
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I support this. If you put it like 20 TC instead of 10 TC it's still too low to farm.

Who would farm it anyways?

And talking about TC inflation: You still can buy loads of TC for dollars very easily and quickly so...
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Howmany blackbelt servers are there?
Idk, but let's just say there are 4.
Every farmer could make maximally 2k a day (100 matches) instead of 1k. Then we got farmers with multiple alts who will be earning twice as much.

This would add more tc in the toribash economy and would cause TC inflation. You can buy a shitload of tc but there are a lot of people who would rather farm than buying tc.

This idea sounds like: "pls gimme xtra munnie becuz i plaii in duh blekbelt survur"

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