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Market bots are bs
So I went to the market and decided to edit a few prices. I had maybe three items that I changed and Frans mb was on the market.
And every time I bumped my item to the top of the list his bot I guess would edit his as well. So I went along with it for 5-6mins. I would keep bumping my items to see it the bot would stop or something. I started to figure out the cycle of items the bot would update. It would bump maybe like 14 items in the same cycle while I was trying to keep my 3 items at the top of the market.
I just find it shit that market bots are going to take over the market and its really not fair to the users that have to updated prices manually.
#INIT2WINIT already made the market a lot better then it was. I wonder how it could be made more efficient...
Only solution i see to this is to make bots illegal OR make a bot implemented into the market that is available for every user. For example ban the autobuy!
The introduse a custom database that u can edit woth all items in toribash. Allow only the item price bump feature. That would make things fair for everybody.
This is the only 2 solutions to have people happy on both sides.
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Note how you can use some of the arguments used in favour for using bots ingame as well.
Everyone can do it, so how is it unfair?

So youre saying its the same argument, therefore youre saying they are equivalent, dont deny that.

As it turns out a bot in game is incredibly difficult to make and therefore not "everyone can do it,"
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When I still played World of Warcraft I sometimes used a bot to farm.
I am in no way capable of creating such a bot, yet I used it.

Do you understand the flaw in your logic now?
If not, I cannot help you.
So what youre saying is, anyone could have easily used it? Even those who cannot make it

No, for the reason above I do not.
I like change...thow i think bots was a step back, not a step fww...
Take allok here to see what i started against using bots a few monts ago, when nobody diden't understand their pottential:
Also notice how at the end the of disscution box told me to "fuck off"
I gave up after that and bought my own bot, because i am loaded with tc
I think yhe best solution to this is to implement a autoupdate for your market items in the toribash market( click a button and the market will update aall your items, taking info from a database u created) and ban the autobuy function. Implement this into the market and everybody will be happy.

Just think about it. Now there are only 3 to 5 bots active. Think about the fact that there could be 100 bots working, or more. Idk how much damage it would do to the bandwith of toribash forum but i can think of the damage it would do to market itself...
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Bots are illegal in-game for the following:
- Fighting for the user, because it's unfair the user doesn't have to work to get Qi
- Advertising Servers
Bots are legal on the forum for the following:
- Updating prices and auto-buying, because it's fair the user doesn't have to work to keep on top of the market, because after all he spent "so much time" making the bot, he should be able to use it.
- Spamming items onto the market, as well as constantly changing

It's stupid how bots are allowed on the forum for the exact reasons why they aren't allowed in-game.

I could be wrong, but Thrandir was probably M-squad during voting process for legality of bots, no coincidence if he said yes and now is one of the more advantageous bot users.
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I love many people on this forum such as ...
I respect...
its just not fair.
i came to play TB for some fun not to learn about coding -.-, besides, if it was an easy task then No problem god it CODING, not easy at all !!!
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I have talked to thrandir alot about bots. He was neutral about them, at least this is what he was telling me, and i belive him. He did not vote imo.
Lets think about the purpuse of bots.: its to make tc to sell to make usd.
An igame bot would have the purpuse of making tc not qi...
Fran bet bot is usefull amd good in-game. Other bots would cteate unfair advantage.
Market bot should be restricted from buying imo. Buying takes timing and skill. Updating items just takes time. It is usefull yo use a bot to save time, but not to make tc. That is unfair imo...
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After months of discussions and debate we've decided to make market bots against the rules. See the announcement in the market section and the market rules for more information.
This thread will be closed since there's no use in discussing a suggestion for what's been implemented. Please use the relevant avenues to discuss/praise/complain about this.
Cheerio. o7