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No this is not a suggestion for a mod but rather a suggestion that each month, there's a tourney between all GM staff members or all staff to see who is most skilled in specific area's; Gm's as far as i'm aware kinda deserve a little competition, this probably wont happen, i just like the idea's of gm's or staff competing against each other to be known as "best" in a specific area :3
Tim is bae :3
id do it, hell it even sounds like fun for us to have a event based solely around the GM team or staff in general.
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yeah, i like this idea.
What would be prizes?

hampa for a month?

imapirate will win all tourneys though
pm me your questions or applications

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Every so often some of the staff get together and have a bit of fun ingame.
It doesn't tend to be a serious tourney, or monthly, just a private chill session where we throw a stupid prize at the person who isn't laughing the hardest because that means they can concentrate.

PS hanz0 was confirmed to be the greatest toribash player ever
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ive never been around for one so for me a staff tourney does sound fu

as long as its hosted by someone independent B^)

(A staff group competition could be entertaining too talking along the same lines)

i.e. GMs vs Msquad vs Clan mods vs Smods
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this'll be a tourney of "who can type /fwin the fastest"
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I like the idea of this and it would be fun to watch. Maybe even participate in the near future. Would definitely be good to record
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this'll be a tourney of "who can type /fwin the fastest"

Omfg yes xD
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this'll be a tourney of "who can type /fwin the fastest"

Actually quite the opposite. If two players are given /fwin, the person who types it last before the timer runs out wins. It'd be /fwin chicken really.
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