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A new effect
Fire effect on the eyes can be seen very good
Water effect on the eyes can be seen very good
Ice effect on the eyes
Toxic effect on the eyes
I do not know but you could see very well in the game and in the replays
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we can already do this with the current flame system, useless idea because it's just a waste of time to even implement, now stop posting on other suggestions comparing this terrible idea to their better ideas. Thanks!
I think he is saying effects like water, that would flow better than the flames we have now, but that would be a lag issues, everyone knows waters lags the heck out of any game. XD

Anyways, I think he just wants flames that focus on eyes, and that is something that can be done, it just can't be generalized since textures are made differently.
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Well, yes, it can be created, but suddenly the community wants this and the developers see it and create something to put the flame there will be almost impossible
But just think a little, you can put effects on your hands as in your head and in a game can be multiple flames or things and say you can generate lag with a small flame in your eyes?
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Yes, you can adjust where a flame is, you'd just have to adjust it for person to person, since eyes are in different areas. So you can adjust it to where that person has their eyes.
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Well as you say you can do with the recent flames of the hands and that means that it is not so difficult to do, and as it says taaco is a waste of time, and some say that there is no spot for the eyes, and that doing so would A lot of time, it's not as difficult as saying it does not exist and they have not created it and that's why it's hard to do, that's a lie, it's not so hard to do, you'll say yes, if it's difficult to do and it would be serious A waste of time, because a waste of time, and that the developers do, create and put new things to improve things such as improving ranked (is an example) put new objects to customize your character (hats, etc) and is Exactly for that, you think that the developers only improve things and put any garbage? If it was a waste of time would not continue creating new things referring to hats etc, just think a little, someone comes up with an idea of ​​a hat that is very good and someone tells you it is a waste of time and why? Because it would take a lot of time and is a waste of time, and for what are the developers, to put new things or not, if they would take it as a waste of time there would not be many things to personalize your character just say, look at this is New and creative, it is NOT a simple waste of time we have to put something new, or if not everything would be a waste of time no?