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FKick Prolong Spec'd Players
Title says all.

This will rid of unnecessary congestion in servers (like quick aikido) and rid of silly abandoned servers that nobody wants.

one hour timer
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How are you going to determine if spec'd player is inactive? For all you know, the spectating player might be running a tournament or teaching someone how to play.
A simple shrug to that. I had considered that possibility, but if that is the case, there is no harm in popping into activity to reset the timer.

I'm sure the folks up there can make it so that chatting counts as activity.

But in general I see more cases of what I am talking about than people just chilling out. Once again, they are there so they should have no problem entering and exiting.

Now a longer time would be necessary considering wars are a thing.

So . . . an hour would suffice.
Meh. I think I need to quit toribash for a bit.
...or just have it as a toggleable server mode with an adjustable timer.

it could be set in official rooms to something like 20 minutes; for quick servers — about 5 minutes. private servers could adjust the timer to whatever they want.
Creation has a good idea, however it could be for players that show up with the [playername](AFK) tag instead of any spectating player. Would be able to free up room in servers at times too.
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To add onto creations idea, you should be able to whitelist players & staff should probably be immune to it.

Whitelisting for non-staff hosts, like bet servers

Staff immunity for obvious kicking loophole reasons
Inactivity kick sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and I'd like to think that it wouldn't be that hard to implement either. Staff immunity's pretty much a given, adjustable timer and white list would be nice, but I'm not entirely sure that I'd want it to be possible to entirely turned off either. Every server that isn't being used in its current format is a potential server someone else could be using.
Afk people on qa servers
I think there should be this thing where people who are afk on qa servers for more than 5 minutes shld get kicked off so someone else can joine due to the 4 person que... it happend to me today
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^ yeh this is one of the main reasons I wanted this to be implemented. It isn't uncommon to see quick aikido servers with 1-2 people inactive.

Just imagine if 3 people went spec'd or afk in a quick aikido server
That would be hell.