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can this please come alive some how ._.

I support this

shall we my fellas?
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Interest in tricking as a replay form has plummited and therefore this org has suffered. In my opinion tricking in toribash needs to stop being so uninspired and samey. It shouldn't be about who can swing the most corks or who can do the most rotations. Especially since the game is limiting in many places where a lot of power moves simply just don't and can't look that good. At least not in xspar. We need variations and interesting movements. The majority of complaints i have heard about tricking is that it all looks the same. With the direction the majority of the remaining replaymakers are going I am beginning to agree. What do you think would benefit the popularity of tricking in toribash?
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I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I still don't know a proper answer. I think tricking doesn't have much to develop at this point, just as it is in real life too (I guess?).

But there are these crazy combos I see people doing sometimes that still makes my eyes shine. In toribash, I would translate them as Glimpsed and Xmov's replays in which they don't bother about making "plausible" tricks but instead they do crazy moves that are really funny to watch.

My opinion, this is the only thing that still surprises me in toribash tricking, at least for "xspar tricking". If we are considering mods there are a lot of ideas that we can still come up with, overcoming the limits we face until now. You are the living proof Mack, you do unimaginable tricks (for toribash standards) in bouncenotramp
[Vector]Aadame> dam pat with his mod skills
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