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[Study] | Single Leg TakedownS Tutorial
Yes its coming and it will be great.

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Details that I can think of while at work.
Head positioning. To prevent decade.
Turning the corner.
Trip combos
Benefits of no grab singles.
Turning into turning away or into.
entry off a snap kick that contracts base knee for power.
either smother the kick or minimize damage by not adding to the kicks power. i use the off kick side pec and hold the elbow of the same side arm. using the foward momentum of the contracted knee. pull their hips towards and under you keeping floor control with relaxed or contracted hips as situation demands. this should end you with a foot near your hip or armpit. extending will push away the leg and make single leg attacks on the kicking leg harder. though can open up base leg attacks replay3.

more to come not sure how to word it.
an underhook on the grabbing arm can be a life saver in terms of leverage.
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Some things I think we should add to the list:
Single leg wrap
- Wrap around the leg and secure the wrap with a body/arm grab
Ankle pick
- We all know what this is
Something I've come up with but still working on that I call a double lock single
- Grab the legs as well as hook it with your leg. I got this idea from judo via a kneeling ko soto gari, and added the leg grab for TB
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If we split the tutorial up into set ups/entry, securing the leg then getting the finish. We can explore how to flow from one part to another in response to reactions and thus help people integrated it into their games easier. And guide people towards a more flow orientated game and less by the book and thus easier to exploit
I dont think we're there yet on the single leg wrap but I'm going to start by building a descriptive walkthrough of the knee tap, overturn single, and single leg suplex. These 3 and any other techniques covered in this single leg tutorial will have a screenshot graphic, description, and a real life gif if possible.
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Here's something for defense:
Half throw off the same side the leg grab is on. The key is rotation off their forward momentum.
1st replay is classic half throw counter
2nd replay is an unorthodox counter, using more momentum than force.
I'll also attach a perfect replay for the overturn single.

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Yes I will use this overturn single replay in the tutorial. I'm leaving this here as a bookmark. GJ!
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Actually looking at the overturn replay again it may be consdered a single half throw bc of how u load up the Uke on your hips. I'll see what else i can find but for now i made this for you.
Edit: Nevermind I made it work. Good replay.

Roux's Single Half Throw

I forget who it was, may have been monkeyishi, but somebody showed me a really fluid knee tap that almost resembled a hip throw because how they turned into it just like the gif. If you think you have that please post it here.
Rouxster I would like it if you could do the "study" description of kolat's suplex.
Try to keep it simple, descriptive, and under 5 lines like I did.
Emphasize the pointed toes, bent knees, and back arch.
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do you want realistic throws, or toribash throws?
I'll try and submit this for leg grab defence, as to stop a lift
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