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plz post how to do tricks (ollies grinds kickflips etc) I am at a loss on how to do anything except balance on my board
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I suggest you veiw some replays and do edits frame by frame to experiment and see what they did. Its a very simple and easy way to learn moves and such. (although skateboarding may be more complex than normal mods)
yea typically im new to skate board to and im tring to learn balance then how to get a spin down then ill try some more complex stuff but typicaly its not the hardest thing to do if you wish to skate gl
Toribash is not real life it is not an skate board simulaor...
You can not make all tricks

I'm not veary good at skating but always one lage at back and in middle an other leg

Try getting balance like in real life make sure you dont jump off your board
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Yes you can make free tc
Here is just a fast demo I wanted to try. I actually did this very fast so I'm sure perfecting moves would be rather easy.

I don't do much just a board slide and jump with a crash landing but you get the idea.
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nobody cant teach how to skate. just try.

left bending lumbar + extending right glute(this is for stay in the board)

do anything after that ^^
Ok, well can u guys tell me how YOU do your own ollies, so i can put my own twist on it? I just dont really understand how to get in the air with the board still at my feet. i am seriously at a loss....and i DO know how to balance myself on the board well.
to ollie left bend lumbar +extend right glute+ relax both hips+ both knees+ both ankles+ hope this helps :P ill show u a replay if me failing lol
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You have to experiment. The ollie is always the same move. I got you some replays I made. You can study them. I also made this thread:
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