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Drawing a head
Hello , i play toribash since 2011 and i still can't draw .

My question is , can somebody teach me how to draw a head ?
Check the tutorials.

Get gimp, check the tutorials.

Artists be like:

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Then check youtube for tutorials on how to start using the different tools!
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I used gimp.
- Grab the template of the head, put it onto gimp.
- Create a new layer on top of the template.
- Draw whatever using the template as your guide.
- Hide/Delete the template layer. (whatever you prefer, it doesn't matter)
- File > Export (I believe I used jpg)
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Wow, you really have it in for people trying to help.
Find an artist (perhaps on the textures forums) whos style you want to try and pm them asking for some help/tips.
[19:59] <Lazors> man it's a good thing people don't see what i write here
aww ik what u mean i was like u but i tried to practice first i used mspaint then i entered internet searched for gimp n dl it then check youtube tut frm one to ten or more and i used to watch fast painting for ideas then i dled ps cs6 and same for it on youtube and im still learning
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