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art is never done even if your good you still dunno anything all the great artists here in toribash still go on and read tuturials and still learning just use your head:
how it looks in real life
how ill it look on a sphere
if the light is coming from that way how the shaddows will be and if its hard light will it be harder or same shading?

stuff like that
Welcome me back maybe?
I need some basic help to make shadows and lightig stuff . If somebody can help me it would be great .

Or if somebody can tell me to draw something basic to learn it , that would be great .
As example : drawing a apple and learn to shadow it and give it light like it looks shiny .
I can't really help in this side of toribash but as a person also with this problem. It isn't with "you can't draw" it's usually because you're using a mouse. Don't know if its just me but try this. Draw it on paper then scan it in a printer, use this as a base and begin using that as a guide. It's really hard to freehand with a mouse. If you really want to make this a full-time thing or something you'd use a lot then you can also invest in a graphics tablet here's a list I managed to find in 2-5 seconds on amazon, Good luck !
its adam and eve not banter with steve smh
well maybe you have to take baby steps first before you can start running. try drawing free hand on paper or if you think you could use an art program. I reccomend paint tool SAI since it has pressure on the stylus making the lines more smooth rather than the rough dull lines gimp and photoshop give. BUT whatever floats your boat if you don't want to do art it's fine no one's forcing you, but it's the best way to make TC on here. If you ever need help I can do a one on one tutorial with you via livestream.
Hello yes you have found the furry wastebin
PyrexFrost , you can help me via skype .
Also jmoran98 , thats not a bad idea . My printer can also scan so i can maybe draw in real life a basic thing but i am not that talented in real life in drawing . I only can play guitar haha but i draw on my feelings .

But now i am trying to make a basic head with beanie.
Okay , i kinda failed at making the head .
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Okay , i have a question . Does it works if you watch alot of anime to draw ? i mean , by watching alot of anime you can learn the details etc , would that work ?
not really unless that's your inspiration. the hardest thing to draw is the things you attempt using memory alone as a reference
its adam and eve not banter with steve smh
Usually there's tools to have it mirror. A basic way of doing this in every art program is draw half, then copy it and flip it horizontally so its now the opposite direction to the original. line it up and work on the middle section so it looks more natural then done
its adam and eve not banter with steve smh