Well if these are available to you, I recommend using adobe illustrater and Adobe Photoshop, there are sooooo many ways you can apply simple tutorials that you find on the internet to your texture making, also, adobe illustrater makes every line you draw smooth when using the right tools, hope this helps.
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Ok , i shall look becaus i already have cs6 and gimp , cs6 is to hard for me .

It's a little hard at first but you get the hang of it, so I recommend doing the design faze in illustrater and photoshop for the colouring and shadows (best use the burn tool for shadows in my opinion)
(1) Size width 1024, size height 512
(2) Draw your crap on different layers
(3) Size width 512
(4) You're finished with your head!
Maybe this can help.

For starters use Paint program. Start by creating a new blank template. The easiest way to make a proportional head is to half it down the middle then mirror it over. If you got a 512x512 head texture item, make the template width 256 and height 512. This will make a vertical rectangle. This will be the left half of your head. When I say half I mean the right side is the center of your nose and the left is the center of the back of your head. I would say the ears would be around the center of your template. I try to make the eyes and ears a little lower than the horizontal center line. When you draw take in consideration on how the texture comes together on the top and bottom similar to a black hole effect how everything gets squeezed to a point. You don't want to make the mouth too low before it looks like it has no lower jaw. Once you have your template or outline of the left half of the face, the next step is to highlight whole picture and copy it. Then you will deselect your image and stretch the canvas (not the image itself) to 512 pixels so your canvas will be a square with half a face. Then you will select the 512x512 canvas and flip it horizontally. This will bring your half face on the right side. After that you can paste your left side onto the blank half. This will complete the full face template. I usually have 2 images saved named head1 and head2. I would make an outline head and upload it to see if it is proportional. Then I will edit it based on my liking. Sometimes uploading it will show some abnormalities in the head and you can look at the flat image side by side to determine how to adjust to make it look to your satisfaction. Reason I have 2 heads is to have the previous version saved just in case I changed my mind. If you want to do further detail you can upload your image to gimp. Remember to save image as .png.
You should start with the basics, and start drawing in real life, get a pen or pencil or even marker, and start exploring your style.

Then look at existing textures, notice how they are made and arranged, and how they look in game as a final result.

Drawing is like toribash, you need to spend some time losing before you can upgrade.
aint nothing to it but to do it
thanks ian and cxtrxs , i shall try my best soon . Maybe if i ended hunter x hunter after 1 month or 2 i maybe shall draw a character from that anime .