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I whip my hair back and forth.
Alright, I was just wondering if it was possible to have more than one hair type. As in would I be able to put Candy Locks and Santas Beard on at the same time?
I've seen some people with the Hat and Scarf with the Kung Fu beard so I was hoping you could do other combinations like that.
If the Candy Locks and Santa don't work together what else does?

I have the Mayan Warrior hair and Candy locks, what can I combine with those?
Anything that isn't a hairstyle, or anything that goes on your head and uses the same "space" as the hairstyle.
To be honest, what is considered a hairstyle should be more transparent. But, until then...
You can't anymore, older users still can, but you can't. You can equip any hair style with any 3D objects, but the 3D items have to use different slots(a lot of 3D items use the head slot, these can't be activated at the same time).