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Need some critiqueing on replay
Hey I've been practicing parkour lately. I really haven't ever tried it or wanted to try it until now, but here's the 2nd replay I made. The first one got super glitchy and spazztic so I deleted it and made a new one. Some one tell me whats wrong and whats right, feel free to be mean. Nothing like some good hard loving ;)
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Yay parkour! Mess with.rpl (73.7 KB, 16 views)
If i may say so, try to make it longer, also, try to make a better landing/finishing position? Like a 3 point pose thing. Then again, i suck with parkour, so i cant really tell you how to make it better ;-;. Happy replay making!
Yeah I didn't set the frames high enough, it came to an awkward ending. I've been setting it as 800 frames now
Nicksmack if you're making a replay and you notice you need more frames you can always add some via editing your replay with notepad, with a little research on the forums you'd find the tutorial for it.
Best of luck
Oh okay sweet thank you. I knew there was a way to extend the frames I just wasn't sure how. I don't really need a tutorial, find the replay file and change the frames number :P
Try not to use grabs. Instead, jump high enough that you can just stand on it. Put more frames on it as said by everyone else. The parkour map your using is quite short. I recommend parkour-city-a.tbm so you have lot's of room to run about.
Connor's the name, winning's the game.
You may also want to make use of the Replay subforum, they're always looking for nice replays and will critique it as well as here, possibly help you more.